PT Ongkowidjojo famously known as “Oepet”, is one of the oldest tobacco
companies in East Java

The company was established in the city of Malang, about 100 km south of Surabaya, the capital of East Java province. It was previously named PT Kian Gie, which was later changed to PT Ongkowidjojo in 1968.

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PT Ongkowidjojo, famously known as “Oepet”, is one of the oldest tobacco companies in East Java. The company was founded back in 1946 by Mr. Ong Kian Pa, Mr. Ong Kian San, Mr. Ong Kian Tjing and Mr. Ong Kian Soen.
Our vision is to revive the glory of the company and preserve the culture of cigarettes as well as being the greatest company in the field of business.
Our mission is to create and develop the best favourite products that are part of the culture of Indonesian people, while upholding employees’ high spirit, efficiency in all aspects and honesty in all areas, thus providing great benefits for the company.

Our Factory

We operate two manufacturing facilities in Malang, one of which is producing hand-rolled kretek cigarettes (SKT) on Jl. Kolonel Sugiono 80, while the other one on Jl. Raya Gadang 22 is our head office and also produces machine-made kretek cigarettes (SKM).

With the value of tradition coupled with advances in technology, PT Ongkowidjojo strives to be the best in its field by continuously improving and developing new ideas and innovations.


We produce several longtime, well-known brands such as Oepet, Oepet Special, Oepet Lights and Oepet Black. We are also the maker of other brands such as Sinarmas, Kayumas Jaya, Samboga, OE Mild, and Nix Mild. New products are being developed to meet the rising demand of kretek cigarettes.

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Our Finest Ingredients

We only use the finest tobacoos from all over the country to produce our products. Combined with the most superb cloves and many distinctive flavours, we always create the very best products for our loyal customers.


We are still preserving the protected Indonesian heritage, which is kretek cigarettes. Supported by approximately 600 cigarette handrollers and 200 packers,

Superb Quality

The standard quality of our products are well controlled by our trained supervisors in order to maintain the highest quality of cigarettes.


Our main area of distribution is in the island of madura in east java. We also distribute our products to Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara Islands. We continues to expand our market as we find oppurtunities domestically and abroad.

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Raya gadang 22 malang 65149, EAST JAVA Indonesia

t. +62 341 808181
f. +62 341 808585